Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Post-Christmas Running

I love Christmas, but I despise running after the holidays. My lack of self control always gets the best of me. Apparently despite how they look those orange slices covered in pure sugar aren't really considered a fruit...bummer!  I went for my first run since Christmas today and could definitely feel the effects of snacking too much. This Saturday I am going to be participating in a charity 5k race. My goal is to be my fastest 5k time of 28:21. I'm probably not in the physical shape to beat the time, but hopefully I can make up for it mentally.

My pre-half marathon training runs are winding down and Monday I begin my actual training for my first ever half marathon. It's a bit intimidating, but exciting at the same time. Mix all of the emotions with the lack of sleep my wife and I are experiencing from having a 6 month old daughter and it's surely a recipe for some good blogs.

Also, please say hello to my new office chair in my home office...

His name is Big Red and helps focus some of that extra energy.

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