Sunday, January 1, 2012

NYE Charity Run

I had the privilege of participating in a New Year's Eve charity run hosted by a local running store (Body and Sole - Champaign, IL). It was a great experience and they were able to raise tons of donations (money and perishable food) for the local food bank.

My favorite aspect of the race was that there was no entry fee whatsoever. Your entry was simply a monetary donation or perishable food item. There was no official clock and it was an out and back. There were 175 other runners that participated and because I don't race very often I challenged myself to beat my 5k time.

It turned out that the course wasn't an official 5k, but it was exactly 3 miles so I knew I had to finish in a time that left no doubt in my mind that I would have beat my previous PR.

I turned my Garmin Forerunner 205 while I was standing inside the store so that I could make sure that I had GPS signal to keep my pace during the run. I wanted to avoid starting out too fast and not being able to finish strong. As we, the runners, got lined up to run I noticed my watch wasn't showing anything for the pace. I found it odd because it usually shows something even if you're standing still. As they sounded the gun for the run to start I began to jog and noticed that the only thing on my watch that was working was the timer. I had to make the choice to restart my watch and lose my time to get a GPS signal or just use the timer and not know my pace.

I made the choice to not mess with my watch and just hope that I wasn't going too fast. It wasn't until the halfway point that I had an idea of what my pace was so far. At the halfway point I turned around and my time was well under what I expected, but I felt good. So I picked out a person ahead of me and made it my goal to catch them...I will avoid telling you how the person I picked was a 9 year old girl (my first 5k was a disaster and I finished last...just behind a 9 year old girl...I wanted revenge!). Anyway I approached the final stretch and saw my mother-in-law waiting to join me for the final stretch. I kicked it in gear and as I crossed the finish line I shut my timer off and saw that I had set a PR for 3 miles by well over 2 minutes.

We finished up by stopping at our favorite Mexican restaurant on the way home...

A great way to say goodbye to 2011.

Happy New Year and I hope you have many great runs in 2012!

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