Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Current Running Playlist

Some people say that if you run with headphones then you're not a runner. I disagree. I listen to music because it keeps me focused on the task, whether it is running, studying or preparing a lesson for work.

So I thought I'd give you a look inside my iPod today. Here is the playlist of songs I use while running. It is a little over 2 hours worth of music so I have plenty of songs to choose from and if I'm on a long run I won't hear a song twice.

Psalm 73 (My God's Enough) BarlowGirl
Losing You         Big Dismal
Remember (I.O.U.)         Big Dismal
Turn This Ship Around         Caleb
Open                 Chevelle
Prove To You         Chevelle
Skeptic                 Chevelle
Rain Song                 Day Of Fire
To Fly         Day Of Fire
Flights         Falling Up
Lights Of Reedsport         Falling Up
Strong Tower         Kutless
Between Angels And Insects Papa Roach
Blood Brothers                 Papa Roach
Broken Home         Papa Roach
Infest         Papa Roach
Last Resort         Papa Roach
Bring Me Down                 Pillar
Frontline                 Pillar
Hypnotized         Pillar
Simply         Pillar
Back In Time         Seventh Day Slumber
Brand New Man                 Seventh Day Slumber
Break Me                 Seventh Day Slumber
Caroline                 Seventh Day Slumber
I Believe                 Seventh Day Slumber
Make Believe         Seventh Day Slumber
Shattered Life         Seventh Day Slumber
I Know         Seventh Day Slumber
Innocence                   Seventh Day Slumber
Spiraling                 Seventh Day Slumber
Collide         Skillet
A Little More         Skillet
Open Wounds         Skillet
Savior         Skillet
Barely Breathing         TwentyPeace
By the Blood Remix         TwentyPeace
Long Boarding         TwentyPeace


  1. cool playlist. I usually listen to podrunner, or motiontrax, from itunes. it gives you playlist of song with a certain bpm to run to. awesome.

  2. Good selections. I throw in some Disciple, Day of Fire, Lecrae or any of the guys from 116 Clique. Gets me going!