Saturday, February 4, 2012

Twitter Responses - One thing?

I tweeted to all of my Twitter followers the other day asking, "What is one thing you couldn't run without?"

@hairgirl75 replied with "My iPhone :))"

@DixonRunning replied with "My music :)"

@CristhianRabe replied with "My @brooksrunning shoes!"

For me (@ForTheSole) I would have to say my Garmin Forerunner 205. I'm terrible at keeping my own pace and love the ability to see my pace. I also love having the freedom of being able to walk out the door and start running. I don't need to plan my route out in advance and I can run wherever I want.

It was a hard choice though because I can't stand running without music. Music is motivating and relaxing to me. Lately I've been putting on some old Papa Roach to get me through my runs. I listened to them a lot in middle school and high school and love how the guitarists are so good.

How about you? What is one thing you couldn't run without?

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