Tuesday, April 3, 2012

15k - Mountain Goat Race

My Bib
My in-laws are helping prepare me for my upcoming half-marathon at the end of this month. The hugely suggested that I run in a local 15k race called "The Mountain Goat" to test where I am in my training. It was a little over a month before my half-marathon race day and would allow me to make any last minute adjustments.

I had never run this course before, but had heard it was pretty hilly. I like the challenge of a good set of hills, but the night and morning before the race I started to get nervous. It's that nervous feeling that you get when you're a kid and have to go to the dentist. You start asking yourself, "Did I brush enough?" "What am I going to say when they ask when the last time I flossed?" and try to think of an excuse to get out of going.
The Starting Line
We arrived and I waited in the line by myself to register. I handed the lady my money and registration form and she handed me bib #168 and 4 pins to secure it to my shirt. So it was official. I was running 9.3 miles that day.
We made it to the starting line before the majority of other runners and I had my first glimpse of what awaited me. The starting line was also the finish line, but we started going straight down hill with a curve to the right....and I realized that was the last 100 or so yard of the race. It was going to be a long run.
My mother-in-law ran the first two laps with me and I told her I didn't want to hold her up on the 3rd and final lap. She insisted the 2nd lap was always the worst and that the 3rd would fly by. She was mostly right, but the last half mile felt like an eternity. 
My Bling
One of the things I wasn't crazy about was that the 15k discouraged running with headphones (although tons of other runners wore them anyway). I know this is a huge debate in running groups/clubs, but I feel as long as you have it at a volume that allows you to hear others as they try to pass then it isn't an issue. I was very annoyed at passing people with headphones and being able to hear their music. They are the ones who make for an unsafe running environment. Be cool fool! Don't crank up the volume while you run!

Overall, I finished in 148th place in the 15k and felt like it was a great test for my half-marathon training. I feel like I'm in good shape for the race, but that I'm going to need to get in 2 more long runs before the race to get me mentally ready for the distance. The course is pretty flat so I won't be worrying about the craziness of the hills I did in the 15k. 

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