Monday, April 9, 2012

Cubs/Brewers Running Challenge

My friend Twitter friend Allison (check out her awesome blog Running Through Red Lights)and I share more than running in common...we are both baseball fans. She suffers from the illness of being a Brewers fan and I suffer through October as a Cubs fan. The two teams are division rivals and play each other about 16 or so times out of the 162 game season.

Today marks the start of the first 4 game series between the team we have decided to put a little wager on the game...since we are both runners and training for a half marathon we have decided the loser should have to run. Thus, we have decided that whoever's team loses the series that person must run in miles the highest # of runs the winning team scores in a game.

So if when the Cubs win sweep the series and their highest run total is 10 then Allison has to run 10 miles. Check-in throughout the season to keep up with our goofy challenges to make the season and our running a little but more interesting.

Also, if you're interested in joining the challenge feel free to leave comment or message one of us on Twitter!

@ForTheSole - Matt
@_allisonpierce_ -Allison

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