Monday, April 16, 2012

Rest Day? Yes, PLEASE!

Today is usually a run day for me, but since I ran 12 miles yesterday I decided against running. I'm changing my schedule up a little bit and running 5 tomorrow, 6 Wednesdays and then 7 on Friday.

My Friday run will be my 7 mile run that I owe for losing the bet to Allison in our Cubs/Brewers Running Challenge.

I am going to do the 7 while my wife and I are visiting Chicago. I'm so excited about getting to run on the trail up there. It's going to be the fastest 7 miles I've ever ran. It may not be the fastest in time, but it definitely will be a great run because I'll be able to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of being downtown Chicago (okay so the smells might not always be enjoyable).

Any Chicago peeps want to join me for a 7 mile run at about a 10 minute pace on Friday morning?

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