Thursday, May 3, 2012

I Ran in Chicago!

Last weekend my wife and I were visiting some friends in Rockford, IL and decided to make a pitstop in Chicago and stay the night. We hadn't been to Chicago since we graduated from college in May 2008 and were very much looking forward to staying.

We drove up and parked at the Millinium Garages ($26 for 24 hours was much better than the $50 the hotel charged) and started heading towards our hotel. It was a little bit of a walk to the Sutton Place, but we knew we would want to end our time in Chicago by being close to Millinium Park so it made sense.

One of the things I was most excited about the trip was being able to run on the Lakefront Trail. It's a beautiful path that runs along Lake Michigan and Lake Shore Drive. You seriously cannot ask for a more beautiful place to run. On one side of you is Lake Michigan and on the other is the beautiful Skyline of Chicago. It definitely trumps running surrounded by nothing but corn fields and cow pastures.

Running on the Lakefront Trail was increidble and if you find yourself downtown in Chicago and need to get a run in, I would HIGHLY recommend heading over to it. I liked that there were so many other runners/bicyclist/walkers on the trail that you never felt alone or unsafe. One of the nice things about the trail was that it was very well taken care of. I didn't come across any spots where the pavement was in need of repair or showed any signs of ware and tare. They also did an excellent job of keeping you aware of your milage with these awesome signs (I assume Nike sponsors the trail).

The only time I was a little confused was when I made my way toward Navy Pier. I felt like the signs were a little confusing to indicate which way the trail actually went and which way was to Navy Pier. The signs pointed in the right directions, but not exactly towards the paths. Being a newbie it threw me off for a second, but I was able to figure it out without having to stop running.

I was glad that I was able to run the 7 miles that I owed Allison (Running Through Red-Lights) for our running competition (read more about it HERE) and also glad that I was able to do it in Chicago. I also enjoyed the fact that I was able to eat some delicious Chicago pizza the night before at Gino's East. Delicious!

You can read a more detailed post on the trail (HERE) from Rebecca who did a guest blog on it for me.

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