Wednesday, May 16, 2012

SpiBelt - Review

My iPhone 4s was a week old when I took it with me for the first time on a run. I put my headphones in my ears and then realized I didn't have a safe place to hold my phone while I was running. My running shorts have nice pockets, but there was the risk of it falling out. I also have a zipper on the butt of my shorts, but it was too hard to get my phone in and out and then when I bought an Otterbox case for my phone it was impossible to put it in my the pocket on the butt of my shorts.

I began looking at possible solutions to this problem. I looked around online and everyone was recommending various types of armbands, but I'm not a fan of armbands. I like wearing sleeveless shirts in the summer while I run and a massive tan line on my bicep is not what I'm looking for.

I saw a few runners using a SPIbelt and thought it was worth looking into. When I first put it on and put my phone in it I thought that it would get annoying while I ran. SPIbelt states it doesn't bounce up and down and you can hardly notice it is there...and....

They're 150% serious.

After I started running I completely forget that I was even wearing it. It wasn't until I had finished my run and was halfway home that I even realized I was still wearing it. I was able to fit my iPhone 4s in the small pouch (even with the Otterbox case on it) and my car key. There was still plenty of room to store some more stuff (gels, beans and spare cash) if needed, but I didn't have the need for that stuff.

The SPIbelt I have is the basic SPIbelt that can be found HERE. They have made some that are water proof, some that are designed for athletes who require access to energy gels (Energy Belt), and even make toggles to make it easy to clip on your race # or even a dog leash your favorite 4 legged running partner.

I run with my iPhone 4s in the SPIbelt and attach my headphones to it. There is a small enough spot where the zipper finishes that allows the zipper to close, but the headphone zipper doesn't get in the way. I was worried the headphone wire would cause the zipper not to close and the zipper could possibly come open and my iPhone fall out, but it doesn't.

If you run with your phone or find yourself needing to carry any supplies with you while you're running...get a SPIbelt. Not only are they comfortable to wear...they're nicely priced to be comfortable on the pocketbook too.

My only suggestion for the product would be to look into creating a fuel belt with this same concept. I spoke to some other (more serious than I am) runners and they said they loved it, but that during the summer they had to replace it with a fuel belt to avoid dehydration. Maybe a future model will address this?

Overall though....amazingly awesome product that I already don't know how I ran without it.

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  1. Sounds impressive! I'm looking at buying one and found this review helpful.