Monday, June 4, 2012

Pushups and GPS Reviews

Today I started the 100 Pushup Challenge from Hundred Pushups. I can definitely tell that by the end of the 7 weeks I'm going to be stronger. My arms are still tired and it has been several hours since I have done the pushups.

I asked some awesome people to join me on this journey and here is all of our initial tests. I'm looking forward to seeing how everyone increases over the weeks!

1. Sarah C. - 10
2. Rich C. - 35
3. Louis C. - 42
4. Tammy F. - 12
5. Matthew F. (Me) - 21
6. Jacklynn F. - 1
7. Carrie G. - 12
8. Mindy G. - 11
9. Janet I. - 1
10. Alyssa K. - 16
11. Sandie L. -15
12. Scotty M. - 36
13. Nykea O. - 10
14. Allison P. - 5
15. Andrew P. - 59
16. Allison Po. - 5
17. Camille R. - 20
18. Gladys S. - 6
19. Hannah S. - 30
20. Jody T. - 23
21. Dom T - 45

How was Day 1 Week 1 for you? Some of you may choose to do different days other than what I'm doing...(Monday, Wednesday, Friday).. I did it after doing a nice and steady 3 mile run.

Speaking of my 3 mile run...I've been interested in comparing the results of my Garmin Forerunner 205 GPS running watch to that of the MapMyRun app that I use on my phone.

I like the MapMyRun app because it does a ton of the same stuff that my Garmin does, but is a ton cheaper since I already have an iPhone. I love that I can listen to my music from my iTunes or Pandora and it will lower the music and give me updates during my run. It also posts updates to my twitter and Facebook account so people can cheer me on or my wife can know how much longer I have left.

But aside from the fancy features...does the GPS go toe to toe with my watch?

Yes and's pretty inconsistent. I had a run last week that was almost exactly the same as my watch, but's the results.

MapMyRun App

Garmin Forerunner 205
As you can see...the MapMyRun app measured much further than my Garmin. It measured .15 miles over the course of 3 miles. So the further you run the larger the amount of error will be. When I did my half-marathon on a Boston Qualifying course it finished at 13.5 miles...almost a .5 mile more than the course actually was.

I'm not saying that apps like these aren't great...because I obviously still use it. If you're doing any sort of serious running and trying to decide whether to spend the money and buy a GPS watch or a few bucks for a running app...I'd say it is a no brainer to buy the watch. If you're just casually running or not too serious...get the app.


  1. I'm excited that there are two Allison P's in this, and we both can do 5!
    That's a little nerdy of me, but that's how I roll!

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