Saturday, June 2, 2012

Technology fail...

I have made good on my commitment to run M-F so far. I went through and setup my schedule to have a 2 week rotation for my runs until I decide what/when my next race is. I'm wanting to do a half in the fall and so check out my RUNNING CALENDAR to see what my plan is.

I went to go for my run yesterday and encountered one of the most frustrating things a technology dependent runner can encounter....a dead Garmin running watch.

It's the worst.

It's like you're getting stood up for a date. You get all dressed up and get mentally prepared. You get those butterflies in your stomach...and then WHAM! No I'm going solo.

As evidence of my addiction to technology and running I also use MapMyRun to keep track of my runs. I like it because it auto posts to Facebook and Twitter when I start and stop my runs and I can use it to post updates during my runs if I'm doing a race or another event. It's not the most accurate GPS in the world...but that's another blog for another day.

Running without my watch gives me the opportunity to test myself. To test my ability to keep a pace or keep pushing myself to run harder and faster. It tests my ability to not quit. To push through those moments where I feel like I'm done.

I listen to music and then every mile I get a little voice in my ears that tells my my time, distance and my overall pace.

Sometimes I'm too connected to technology. Maybe some day I'll be able to cut the cord and go for a run and not worry about pace alerts, mapping my runs or listening to music.

What types of technology are you addicted to? Running related or not...

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  1. Your running calendar looks hard-core, but awesome!

    I don't have an official GPS watch or anything--I bought a pretty simple Nike+ Sportband after Christmas and told myself if I stayed dedicated to running after the Cellcom HM that I would treat myself to a "real" watch!

    I've yet to use MayMyRun--I'm too paranoid it will drain my battery and I'll have some major accident and won't be able to call anyone. I may have to try it out now that I'm not doing any long runs.

    I'm totally addicted to using my iPhone--I'm on it All.The.Time. I'm a social media junkie!