Monday, July 30, 2012

Half-marathon bound!

i was sitting watching my daughter play today and thinking about how when I was little I had a whole bunch of goals. I wanted to be an astronaut (good thing that didn't pan out or I'd be out of a job), I wanted to be a cop, I wanted to get married and have some awesome kids, I want to play pro-basketball/baseball.

I had all these things that made the future exciting. I think running got stale for me shortly after I finished all of the goals I had set for myself.

When I started my goal was to do a 5k and then someday do a half-marathon. I've reached both of those and currently have no desire to go further than a half-marathon.

So when I crossed the finish line in April for my first half-marathon and didn't have another lined up...I lost my motivation. I stopped caring about running and only ran out of guilt. Guilt that people would think I wasn't really a runner. That I was one of those "one and done" kind of runners. So I ran out of fear of a stereotype or a label.

So as I watched my daughter play on the floor with her toys...I decided I was going to set some goals for running...

The first and only thing that came to mind? Beating my first half-marathon time. My first half-marathon time was 2:18 and I WILL beat it.....

November 11, 2012

Valparaiso, IN has a half marathon with about 500 or so other runners. I'm not going for glitz and glamour for this one...I am a man on a mission.

The mission? Beat 2:18....goal time? 2:08.

I want to beat that bad boy by 10 minutes!!!

So I'm going to keep at my current training of running to prepare for the training plan and then on August 20th I will begin my official training.

So there it is! I'm doing a half before Old Man Winter comes to town...and before I turn 27.

Training schedule already in my calendar....let's do this!


  1. or be crazy like me to work towards being a #HalfFanatic: 1/2 marathon a month for 6 months!

  2. Love it! I can relate to where you are at. I used to be a spring-only half marathoner, but this year I decided it was time to change that! I'm excited to follow your training! Keep it up, Matt!