Sunday, August 26, 2012

Half-Marathon Training Update

This past week I do something most of us guys do all the time...I changed my mind. My wife stated she had a $5 Groupon certificate that was going to expire at the end of the day and that there was also a Groupon for a half-marathon in Indianapolis on sale that day too. It's called the Santa Hustle Half-Marathon. Any opportunity I get to wear a Santa hat and beard and run...count me in! I wonder if they'll serve cookies and milk at the end? :-)

So with the Groupon it brought the cost down to much cheaper than doing the Valpo half-marathon and also I wouldn't have to worry about lodging or anything since it's only an hour away and my in-laws are going to be doing it too. Although the race is a month later than the Valpo half-marathon I am not changing my training at all. I'm going to continue to train how I am, but will probably do a week or two twice before I would start tapering the first week of December. I figure this is going to be a great way to get me through Thanksgiving without putting on a crapload of weight (crapload is my unofficial standardize measurement for a TON).

In other news...

Last night I was introduced to @AGirlRunner's awesome blog. She's definitely got a cool thing going on to remember the victims of Hurricane Katrina. You can read the full story of what she's doing HERE, but just know it's a pretty powerful message!

In a nutshell she has made it her goal to get runners from across the globe to join together and come up with 1,838 miles. One mile for every individual killed in the tragedy of Katrina (plus 2 for some close friends she had that passed away shortly before).

Her story really touched me and I knew I immediately wanted to help. I looked at my running calendar and added up the milage for the time period she is wanting runners to log the miles (Aug 27-Sept 3) and I figured if I added an extra mile on to all of my runs and ran 3 miles on one of my rest days....then including my long run I'd hit 25 miles for the week.

So the last mile of each of my runs and the 3 on my scheduled rest day are dedicated to the victims and @AGirlRunner's 2 friends. I'll be praying for their friends and family as they continue to feel the loss of friends, brothers, cousins, co-workers and spouses. I'll be praying that they would feel His presence and know that even though life doesn't make sense sometimes, He's still in control.

So I'd like to encourage each of you to join @AGirlRunner's goal and sign-up on her blog or send her a Tweet! She needs all the miles she can get! No matter how many or few you can do to help the cause!

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  1. What a terribly heartbreaking and powerful blog post from A Girl Runner. I'm going to sit down and look at my schedule and see how many miles I will be running this week.

    I also need to find a holiday race to keep me motivated and away from the cookies and candy!