Saturday, September 1, 2012

We're Better Together

I do 99% of my runs solo. I live in the middle of no where and there are few, if any running groups that are more than just a social club. On most of my runs I usually see more cows than people or cars. Today was one of the few times where I was able to have company.

My wife and I stayed the night with my in-laws to avoid having to make two trips to their house. To be 100% honest...when it comes to in-laws...I've hit the jackpot. If you doubt their awesomeness...check out their collection of race bling.

Anyway, I had 6 miles on tap today and I was a tad nervous. If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen that I tweaked my hip on Thursday night after doing a hilly 4 miles while pushing Bundle of Awesomeness #1 in her stroller. I was worried I'd be down for a week or two while I waited for it to heal up. I iced/rolled/massaged and prayed that it wouldn't be something that caused me to have to stop running. I took Friday off and decided to give the 6 miles I had planned a shot.

It felt great and I had no issues. Yesterday while I was taking the day off it felt a little painful to walk or raise my knee straight up to my waist, but how often do I do that in it went well. I had no issues whatsoever with it during the run, but will be keeping an eye on it.

As you saw from my in-laws race bling they're pretty serious runners. My Father-in-Law is recovering from missing a few months of running due to an injury, but we joke he is the "pace police" and if we slow down even a little he is grumbling for us to speed up. My Mother-in-Law just finished up her first ultra-marathon and completed 31ish miles in 8 hours....beast mode nonetheless! They both could whip me pretty good in any race...even if they ran backwards.

 I was excited to run with them just to spend time with them and learn from their experience. I'm not much of a conversationalist (my MIL will talk your ear off...if you ever find yourself running in Central Indiana/Illinois and some lady talks to you nonstop and asks you about your kids, grandkids, your friends grandkids, where you grew up, what your parents's probably her!), but it was a nice change of pace to have some conversation. Running with them helped to take my mind off how much running 6 miles sucks. I wish I could run with them more or even have people to run with in general.

If you're not a part of a running group or have people you run with regularly...find them! I'm going to make it a goal to run with a group or at least another individual at least once a week or every other week.

It creates an atmosphere of accountability between you and them. If I hadn't been with them I would have stopped a couple of times. I would have slowed way down and possibly called it quits a mile or so early. It is motivating to know that there is someone to encourage you when you have those moments of weakness. When the doubt creeps into your mind that you're not strong enough. When the doubt creeps into your mind that it's too hard. Or when the doubt creeps into your mind that you're crazy....well they can just assure you that you are in fact crazy...because we all know us runners are a crazy bunch!

We're better find someone to run with!

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