Monday, November 5, 2012

6AM & a slippery treadmill

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Getting up at 6AM and running is probably not a big achievement for you if you're a 'hardcore' runner, but for me it is. I started running and found running in the evenings as being ideal for me. I liked being able to run after work and run off my stress from the day. Over the past year my schedule has changed and I've found that if I want to guarantee that I get my run in that I have to do it in the morning.

A wise man once told me that if I don't plan my day, someone else will. 

Running is always the first thing to go whenever it comes to my schedule. I hugely enjoy the benefits of running, but I am not willing to sacrifice family time to make it happen. So I'm getting up first thing in the morning and doing my workouts at a fitness center just down the road from where I work.

This morning was my first time using the fitness center. It's not a fancy "24 Hour Fitness" or "Gold's Gym," but I pay $10 a month and have access whenever I want. It's owned by a family that goes to our church and they saw a need for the small town to have a place for people to workout and they've done a great job at providing an option.

I hopped on one of the treadmills and immediately noticed that I either need new shoes or the belt is incredibly smooth and needing replaced. I planned to do 4 slow miles, but cut it short at just over 2 because I was too nervous of slipping and hurting myself.

Have you ever experienced something similar while on a treadmill?

I've never experienced it so it leads me to believe it is a belt issue. It was a great run and gave me an opportunity to get done before the sun came up.

How about you? How was your Monday run?


  1. I ran on a friends and had to stop after 10 sec due to belt slippage.

    1. It felt like I didn't have traction in the toe of my shoe or I needed new shoes. The shoes don't have THAT many miles on them to be slipping. Did your friend replace the belt?