Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Breaking Records!

One of the things I love about running is that you're never finished. It's one of those sports where you can push yourself in a variety of ways and still always find an area to improve. You can set: a distance record, a speed record and even most miles in a week/month/year record. I think you get the point.

I love those moments where you set out on a run with no intentions on breaking a personal record, but you do. It's almost as awesome as finding money in the laundry!

This morning I had one of those moments. I had no intention whatsoever when I set off for a quick 2 mile run to run my fastest mile since starting to track my runs with Nike+ and pushing the kids in the double stroller.

I started off and after the first half-mile I felt good. I kept pushing it and when I reached the turnaround point I knew I wanted to go for it. I felt like I was going down the on-ramp to the interstate in a brand new Ford Mustang. I hit the gas and took off. I may not have been 0-60 in a few seconds, but it felt good. I was pushing it and everything felt good.

Of course, just like when you reach high speeds in a car you get a little scared. I started thinking to myself, "You're crazy! You need to slow down! You can't keep this up!" Sometimes there are moments in running when you have to tell that voice in your head to shut up. And that's what I did. It felt great!

How about you? When was a time where you had to tell that voice in your head to shut up so you could run?

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