Thursday, August 15, 2013

She just danced

It feels like I'm constantly writing or reading about "slowing down" in life. Why does our culture make being busy and leading such a packed schedule a badge of honor? It seems to tell us that we're not successful unless we are constantly running from event to event. We condone eating garbage for food because we don't have time to prepare a nutritious meal, let alone sit down at the table to eat.

The other day I was driving around town doing a few errands and I found myself behind an individual on a highway. The speed limit is 55 on this particular road and I would estimate this driver was doing just about 55. I found myself getting fidgety and impatient because he wasn't doing the standard 5-10 miles per hour over the speed limit.

Life conditions us to believe that even when we're not in a hurry that we have to hurry up and get there. It scares me to think about the opportunities that we've missed in life simply because we were in a hurry to get somewhere.

The other night in Wal-mart I caught myself hitting the "pause" button on life. I sat and watched as my daughter danced around the isle and laughed and played. She heard music coming from somewhere and had an impromptu dance party. She didn't care that she was needing to go to bed. She didn't care that her diaper probably needed to be changed. She didn't care that there were people around. She just danced.

I want to take in my kids laughter. The feel of my daughters wet kisses. The sound of my son discovering how to vibrate his lips together. The beauty of a sunrise over millions of ears of corn. The crackling and warmth from a fire as we sit camping. The peacefulness of a snow storm. The site of thousands of fireflies lighting up my front yard in the summer.

I want to live life like my daughter. To live with less worries about what is next on the schedule and just basking in the moment. I want to be unafraid to forget all my stress, my worries and my introvertedness and just dance.

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