Monday, August 12, 2013

The Search for the Perfect Double Jogging Stroller

The other night my amazing daughter and I went on a "Daddy/Daughter Date." It was more like a "Daddy/Daughter Dash" because I wanted to get a run in, but knew the only way that was possible is if I took her with me and pushed her in the stroller.

We currently have a Baby Trend jogging stroller for our daughter, but I have never been thrilled with it. It's heavy. It doesn't fold up well. And overall it's just awkward.

We have found ourselves in a hard place because our son is now at the age that he can be put in the stroller and go for a job, but we only have a single. We have thus began our search for the "Perfect Double Jogging Stroller."

As a dad and runner I am wanting something that is light for me to push and something comfortable for my kids to sit in for an hour or so while I run or walk. I have been looking at BOB, City Mini, Joovy and Tike Tech as my options, but haven't committed to any of them yet.

If you have any experience with double jogging strollers please feel free to share on here or on Twitter!

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