Friday, October 18, 2013

Runner of the Week (10-18-13)

NAME: Leah
How long have you been running?
I've been racing long distances since my first marathon in October 2007.

What/who motivated you to start running?
I needed to lose weight and after joining a 1/2 marathon training group, I realized I had some natural talent. Once I started racing, I was addicted!

What's something you can't run without?
My Garmin 410. I'm obsessed with data and love to come home and download my run entries into Running so I can watch my weekly/monthly/yearly mileage totals increase.
What is your favorite race you have ever done or place to run?
2013 Boston Marathon. I trained hard for nearly 4 years to qualify and I felt privileged to be there. Sharing the experience with my identical sister helped inspire her to train to qualify for 2014 or 2015. Fingers crossed we can both run Boston together soon!

What is the best advice you would give a beginning runner?
Always make your first mile your slowest. It's better to be under-trained than over-trained. To race well, you need to train smart and not increase your weekly mileage too quickly or run too quickly (Almost all your runs will be at Aerobic Heart Rate, NOT race pace.)

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