Friday, November 15, 2013

Runner of the Week (11-15-13)

Name: Paul Adams

Twitter: @paulrunslong

How long have you been running?
I have been running for just over 3 years.

What/who motivated you to start running?
I started running in July 2010.  My motivation was to train for our local City2Bay 12k fun run. Running that race gave me such a sense of achievement that I was hooked on running. I've been running ever since.
What’s something that you can’t run without?
Have to admit I can't run without my Garmin. I really like having instant pace & distance feedback throughout the run. Also, it is great for race splits to ensure I'm on track for goal time or to set a PB (PR). When my FR 405CX died recently, I ran Garmin free for a few weeks and struggled. I just bought a FR 610 & really like it. It is a good upgrade from the 405CX. 

What is your favorite race you have ever done or place to run?
My favorite race was my first half marathon at the Barossa Valley in May 2012. I enjoyed pushing myself to running a new distance & paced myself well. This meant I passed a lot of people on the second half of race, which was enjoyable. Crossing the finish line with my family cheering me on was an incredible experience.

What is the best advice you would give a beginning runner?
First, see a podiatrist and get fit for the shoes that best suit your feet and running form. Focusing on strengthening your core with regular core workouts is a great injury prevention measure. Also, get yourself a foam and rumble roller. Use them regularly! Don't build distance too quickly. Observe 10% rule (increase mileage no more than 10% per week).

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