Friday, December 20, 2013

Runner of the Week (12-20-2013)

Name:  Darron
Twitter:  @datman65

How long have you been running?
Since January of 2007, starting with a few 5k's, and eventually building to an Ultra in February of this year.

What/who motivated you to start running?
What motivated me into the life change of becoming a runner were a couple of things. I visited with my doctor in late 2006 and he placed me on cholesterol medicine, and a second blood pressure medicine. "Time for drastic measures," I thought to myself. I had to get this reversed. A few short months later, second blood pressure medicine gone. Then over a couple of years, I lost the cholesterol medicine too. The other motivation to run, would be to deal with everyday stress at work and life. It is great therapy for the brain!

What’s something that you can’t run without? 
I guess I consider myself addicted to my Garmin. I don't feel like I obsess over the data, but I do like to know where my pace is at at times and how I am feeling at that point. It definitely helps me to know how I am progressing. It is definitely beneficial when training after coming back from an injury.

What is your favorite race you have ever done or place to run? 
Marathons rock! But, I ran my first Ultra trail run in February of this year, and I am addicted! I signed up for the Sylamore Trail50k, just north of Mountain View, Arkansas. The trail was amazing. Trail running is definitely where I want to compete and focus my attention as a runner now, and in the future.

What is the best advice you would give a beginning runner? 
Shoes, Shoes, Shoes! Best advice I was given starting out as a runner was to visit a local running store and let them pair with me the best fit shoes for my profile. A good matched pair of running shoes is definitely a great deterrent to fighting off possible beginner, and future running injuries. Pay the money, because you will save it in doctor visits!

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