Monday, June 30, 2014

Convicted by My Daughter

For the past few years I've made several attempts at eliminating diet soda from my diet - my drug of choice is Diet Pepsi. Some of you may think me saying "drug of choice" is a bit overboard, but I'm convinced it is a boarder line addiction for me. Sometimes I think about when is the next time I'll get to have a soda - pretty pathetic.

Anywho - ever since my oldest little one tasted soda she loved it. I'm not even who gave her or when she had her first taste of it, but every time she sees one of us with a Styrofoam cup from a gas station she wants a drink. I've always wanted to quit, but despite my wife saying, "You can't tell her she can't have a drink or that it is bad for her if you're drinking it" didn't convince me.

It wasn't until we were driving home from work one night that my daughter started singing this song and it really convicted me - it's been several days and I haven't had a soda as a result of her song.

Before I started recording she kept saying, "Daddy's soda and he loves it so much! Daddy's soda and he loves it so much!" It was a huge conviction for me of what my daughter thinks I feel about something so trivial and irrelevant. Something that I like and enjoy, but obviously have allowed it to be present too much in my life.

So thanks darling daughter for being awesome and making me a better man. I love you!

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