Monday, August 25, 2014

Back at it

So the summer was crazy and I pretty much abandoned any hope of keeping my blog up to date and focused on being a dad, husband, runner and trying to maintain my sanity. So glad to be back at it!

About halfway through summer my wife and I left the iPhone bandwagon and jumped ship to the Galaxy S5. I love running with my phone for the safety aspect, but also for the pace alerts in my ears and also being able to listen to music or podcasts. I had zero issues with my iPhone's headphones, but I have yet to be able to get the stock Galaxy S5 headphones to cooperate.

I have tried them on several of my recent runs and I am constantly finding myself pushing them back in my ears. Aside from pushing the headphone halfway into my eardrum I'm not sure what will work with these headphones.

I recently had a random alert on my phone pop up on my phone from Twitter saying that a couple of my friends began following the Twitter account @Runphones. Seeing as it has been an issue for me lately I thought I'd give their website  a perusing and I'm defintely interested to see what they have to offer.

I often wear a running hat, but have not found one that is comfortable or fits my giant head. I began to lean towards checking out sweatbands to see if they'd do the job better, but hadn't made the leap yet. Their products look like the best of both worlds!

What products do you use for headphones or sweat drips?

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